Make your college life amazing with simple makeup tips!

Hello there, ladies!

College is a lot of fun, and freshmen understand this very well than anybody else. It is always a new adventure: you connect with people or find your freemium self after a period of intense instruction. Then you’ll want to present yourself in the best light possible each day. One does or doesn’t wear makeup, but just a little glitz and glamour always helps because all the celebrities and models such as Mila Santos also put on some makeup even for a video. I understand how difficult it is to maintain a proper cosmetics routine. I know, putting concealer, setting powder, eyeliner, gloss, or all the stuff on your skin on a daily basis when you go to college isn’t exactly realistic.’ It’s simply too much, especially for the slackers. Well, below is the easiest 5-step makeover regimen for college females to ensure that every day in college is a fantastic face day for you.

Simple steps for beginners to do their makeup

Combine an oil-controlling cream and a small amount of BB cream

Even if you’ve had a fast shower, dried your hair, and are staring in the mirror at your fatigued face. That must be the result of binge-watching your favorite season, girl. Hey, don’t forget that you’re running behind schedule for the class. It’s now time to hydrate and balance out your pale skin. Bring your basic beauty items, such as an SPF moisturizer and a dab of BB cream.

 Apply them after thoroughly mixing them here on top of the hand. You won’t have to blend as much now that you’ve reduced the coloration of your BB cream by combining it with your moisturizer. Your skin will stay shine-free all day with an oil-free or oil-controlling moisturizer. Because BB creams are typically shiny, you won’t seem far too dull.

Make use of kajal

Now is not the time to experiment with liquid eyeliner. Always have a smudge-proof, darkly colored kajal or kohl on hand. Tightline the top upper lid and if your eyes aren’t too little, apply on your lower waterline as well, as this looks nice. Just like that, your classic Indian eyes look complete.

Put on some mascara

Mascara is a wonderful thing to have when your eyes feel weary. Use 1-2 applications of your favorite mascara. Keep your mascara basic and non-clumpy to avoid looking older. Lower lash extensions are optional because they can look excessively thick on a college face.

Using a lip product of your choosing, apply it to your lips

That’s entirely up to you. Apply something your lips are comfortable with, whether it’s a cute-looking lip gloss, a hydrating lip gloss, an intense lipstick, or a pink lip tint, and toss it in your college bag. This because? Since you’re going to hang around through the cafeteria, eat some snacks, and drink something cool, the color will fade.

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