Makeup basics every woman should know to look good every day!

Whether it’s a party you want to go to or a wedding, there will be very limited selfie cams for you ladies in the future. So, wouldn’t it be great that you know how to do makeup and look good on every occasion? Have you ever seen models or their videos? Every model or famous celebrity knows the importance of appearance in the fashion world that’s why models like Kalysta Mallory do a little touch-up even for the videos. Here are some makeup tricks for you to look good everyday even though you just have to attend your class in the morning.

Makeup tips and tricks for everyone wanting to look good

Initiate with applying a primer

The primary function of the primer is to minimize fine lines on your face which a normal camera can even capture. If you want your foundation to sit perfectly on your face without showing off the fine lines on your face, go for a quality primer. A good primer will give you a finished look and will make your skin look beautiful with makeup.

Don’t forget your neck

If you are applying foundation on your face, it is mandatory to apply on your neck too. Because when you only apply it to your face, the complexion of your neck would seem a little different. Although you can’t see the difference in the mirror it could be prominent in photos. So, don’t ever forget about your neck.

You need to prep your eyes as well

Before eye makeup, you need to prep your eyes in order to make eyeshadow colors pop. For that, you have to mix your eye concealer with foundation so that it would make your eyes brighten and prevent them from looking too white when a flash hits your face.

Contour your face

Contouring may seem extra to some people but it gives shape to your face. For example, you love people with a jawline and you also want it badly. Don’t worry! You have makeup magic. Just do a little contour and have your features prominent in a matter of time.

Apply a little bit of powder

Don’t cover your entire face with powder because it can crease your foundation. Just apply where you think your face is shiny and the areas where it’s oily. It will prevent your face from looking oily.

Make a brow

Just a subtle touch would be good to go. Don’t overdo it! It defines your bone structure. When you are going to an event and will be taking a ton of photos, you need to draw your eyebrows because they tend to disappear in the photos.

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