Add A Little Bling to Your Style with Simple Gold Nose Pins

Do you know that the trend of wearing nose pins didn’t originate in India? Even though an intrinsic part of the Indian tradition, the practice of getting a nose pierced and adorning a nose pin or ring started in the Middle East and cultures in Central Asia, South and Central America, and Australia. 

Nath, laung, naak chaabi, and naak ki keel are some of the many names by which a nose pin is known across cultures and traditions. The past few years have seen the emergence of a simple gold nose pin as a popular trend, being experimented with by individuals across ages and gender. This is why exploring an extensive range of simple gold nose pins online is no longer a difficult task for you! 

Nose pins are also a form of self-expression. For example, a simple gold nose pin would mean a classy and elegant person, reflecting their calm mind. 

The best part about wearing a simple nose pin is its versatility. This means you can wear it both with western and traditional attires. Nose pins are a must-have item in a jewellery box. So, if you are confused about which design you should go for, let’s take you through some of the best simple gold nose pins: 

14 Kt Yellow Gold Pretty Diamond Nose Pin

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The nose pin encrusted in diamond personifies elegance and is sure to add grace to your ensemble. This piece is evergreen and will certainly last through several trend cycles. This simple gold nose pin has four round-shaped diamonds, which carry a clarity of 14kt. 

14kt Yellow Gold Nose Pin

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Image Source: Mia by Tanishq 

It is as much an everyday style as it is a special day jewellery piece. An affordable and simple gold nose pin, it is a must-buy for all jewellery lovers. Additionally, it’s lightweight, subtle, and chic. 

14 Kt Yellow Gold Beautiful Diamond Nose Pin


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This nose pin has three diamonds in a round shape. The clarity of the diamonds in this mango-shaped nose pin is 12kt. It is an elegant piece more suited for traditional wear. 

14 Kt Rose Gold Clover Clip-On Nose Pin

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Don’t have a nose piercing but want to experiment with a nose pin? Worry not; we have got you covered! This clip-on nose pin is especially suited for those who aren’t yet sure about getting their nose pierced. This nose pin is shaped like a clover leaf, which is a symbol of good times. This simple nose pin in gold will certainly add glamour to your festive look. The piece has four round-shaped diamonds. The diamonds have a clarity of 12kt. 

14 Kt Rose Gold Petite Nose Pin With Studded Diamonds

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Looking forward to making a style statement during the festive season? Invest in this rose gold nose pin embellished with three round-shaped diamonds. The clarity of the diamonds is 12kt. 

The subtlety of the rose gold metal gives the right balance to the edginess of the jewellery piece. So if you want to embrace the beauty of age-old traditions while not shying away from flaunting the minimalism of the current times, it’s time you invest in a simple gold nose pin. 

Wrapping Up

While we have curated a list of the most sophisticated and classy designs, it’s advised to go for designs that suit your face and nose shape. For example, a nose pin with fewer dimensions is best suited for people with round faces. And those with an angular face must go for a segmented nose pin. 

However, there are no rules to adorning nose pins that you need to follow. Pick what your eyes like and wear what your heart loves!

For some more alluring simple gold nose pin designs, check out the website of Mia by Tanishq. 


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