Score a Brownie Point by Opting for 5 Stylish Spectacles for Men & Women

Your choice of daily wear spectacles means often goes a long way when it comes to leaving impressions on peers and people who matter. We always like to put our best foot forward when it comes to our workplaces or social engagements, and our appearance always takes precedence in order to make people remember us for longer. Non-verbal social cues often make or break the way a person may perceive us, and the way we look matters more than we think. That is why people often spend time cultivating a personal sense of style so that it speaks on behalf of them as soon as they step into a social space.

If we walk into a room with the intention of standing out, but our presence does not make a statement, it may be time to make some subtle yet stylish changes to your look to turn some heads even in a crowd. In that pursuit, stylish spectacles can always be a great companion. Our personality and our work ethics are always going to carry us through important conversations and challenges. Still, in order to make our way to those opportunities, we need to catch the eye of peers and garner their trust. Hence, to earn those brownie points, here are some options for stylish spectacles you explore.

Wow in Wayfarers

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The options for daily wear spectacles might often seem limited at first glance, but if you look for the right pair according to the styles you want, you are sure to find the perfect pick. One might think that Wayfarers are limited to sunglasses, but these spectacles are a testament to how stylish your specs can be even when you are at work or college. The spectacle frames on these specs are transparent, which gives you a stylish and cool edge over the rest. The design of these lenses is also very versatile and can go with all your ensembles.

Gilded in Gold

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Many eyewear designs have been experimenting with semi-rimmed lenses lately, making way for some eye-catching spectacles that are sure to spruce up your professional look. These semi-rimmed specs come in luxurious gold but are complemented by brown hues for the rest of the specs frame. The combination of both makes for a stunning piece of eyewear, which adds a spirited and youthful glow to your features. The semi-rimmed specs frame also helps in keeping your features visible without overwhelming them under busy designs.

Round and Rimless

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The glassy and transparent look has become the new trend to take the eyewear world by storm, and these spectacles are a great example of the same. If you are someone with an angular face and would like to add a quirky yet balanced depth to your features, the round lenses of these rimless specs are the pick for you. Rimless sunglasses are the perfect accessory for those who are averse to thick frames and prefer lightweight eyewear that can last them a long time.

An Everyday Classic

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Spectacles can get more stylish, with the pilot look now being accessible even through the daily-wear aesthetic of these specs. The specs frame on these glasses is one that can be worn by those who like to add a touch of personality to their eyewear and love to experiment. These spectacles and their recognisable silhouette are sure to spark intrigue everywhere you go, giving you an eccentric yet signature look to carry into all your social and work engagements.

Own it in Ovals

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Oval lenses are considered to be one of the most versatile designs that one can sport when it comes to eyewear. These oval specs are the perfect choice to make when you are looking for a pair of daily-wear eyeglasses that can make you look sophisticated and stylish all at once. The brow line-focussed specs frame brings out your features while staying simple enough to not overwhelm your features. Therefore, these lightweight gunmetal spectacles are a great accessory to a busy day across all seasons.

Choosing spectacles that can make you look a cut above the rest can often be a process replete with trial and error, but with the right brand, your search can become simple. Titan Eyeplus offers a selection of stylish spectacles for all your eyewear needs at great prices, which guarantee consumer satisfaction like no other.

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