Know-How to Build the Foundations for Board Exams

Class 10 and Class 12 are considered to be two of the most crucial classes for a student’s life since they lay the foundation for one’s future career. However, one often neglects the fact that 9th and 11th grades determine the students’ commitment to carry on with their studies and build their careers in a particular field. In most cases, the concepts that are introduced in the 9th and 11th grades for a particular subject are carried forward and discussed in greater depth in the 10th and 12th grades.

Oftentimes, you may find it difficult to grasp a subject as a student. If you are thorough with the lower classes, then you won’t be left stranded when you move up to a higher class. That is the reason you are always advised as a Class 10 student to understand the concepts from the Maharashtra State Board 9th std Science Textbook PDF in full. Prior knowledge from the lower classes is what will highly influence your achievement in the present and the future as a student. 

For now, we will walk you through the tips to improve and strengthen your foundations in this article.

Tips to Strengthen or Build up Your Foundations  

In this article, we have already demonstrated that it is important to go back and review the prior books and notes so that a firm foundation can be built for future academic pursuits.

Then, if you are in Class 10, you should review the material in Class 9, and a student in Class 12 should review the material in Class 11 and Class 10. As you grow older, going through the past years’ syllabus will help you view it in a different light and help you plan your future studies in a better way. 

There are other aspects that help build the foundation for a student in a particular subject. Let us take a walk through some of these tips below: 

  • Review the syllabus and plan ahead for studies 
  • Hands-on experience and proper revision of concepts 
  • Set short term or long term goals and work towards attaining that 
  • Motivation to achieve the set goals will help to build up their foundations in a subject 
  • Having a proper foundation helps to build confidence 

How to Set up Foundations: Further Tips 

  • Focus on only one topic or concept at a time, memorise it thoroughly, and then move on to the next. 
  • Set a criterion to measure your progress while studying 
  • Set time-bound goals to achieve it 
  • Learn with the help of previous years papers, textbooks and notes of earlier classes 

The same applies to students in Class 10 or Class 12. Regardless of which class you are in, mastering the concepts in the lower classes will help you set up a strong foundation for your board exams. Your ability to relate a topic from a book in the current year to concepts from your earlier classes is important. Understanding the topics in this way will help you to retain them more effectively.

Every student who aspires to score high marks in the Class 12 board exams will thus know the importance of Class 11 books. Any student who is thorough with Maharashtra State Board 11th Books PDF will find it easier to crack the Class 12 subjects and main exams. This could lead to amazing grades in your board exams. 

As long as you master these tips, you will develop a strong foundation for learning that will help you learn more effectively and efficiently throughout your lifetime. So, incorporate this into your learning style and continue to ace the exams. 

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