4 Effective Packaging Types to Consider for Your Delivery Business

In today’s economy, firms are doing whatever they can to get an edge and create a customer base of their own. One such part of a business is the packaging.

Packaging plays a big role for any business, whether it’s product packaging for a luxury brand or just delivery packaging for a delivery business. For this very reason, there is a wide variety of packaging options that you can choose from.

Are you running a delivery business? Then you’ll need the best possible packaging that is not only cost-effective but also capable of delivering the product to your customer without bringing any harm to the items stored inside. Here, find four packaging types you can consider for your delivery business.

1.               Paperboard Packaging

The first of the packaging types to consider for your delivery business is the one that we’re all familiar with, paperboard packaging. Strong and lightweight, paperboard is a versatile material. It’s very malleable and can be shaped into any form or structure you can imagine. Because of these qualities, it can be easily customized in packaging.

So, how are they made? And what materials are used in the process? Pulp is produced by breaking down and bleaching raw materials such as wood or recycled paper and then used to make these packaging boxes. There is a wide range of paperboard packaging grades available to meet various needs.

Medicine, cosmetics, frozen food, and more can all benefit from being packaged in solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard. If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional white paperboard packaging, recycled paper, known as kraft or CUK (coated unbleached kraft), is a great option. Many people believe that Kraft isn’t as moisture-resistant as other types of packaging, making it unsuitable for use with food or frozen goods.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of using paperboard packaging is that it can have a premium appearance without a premium price tag if your manufacturing team makes the right design choices.

Note, that the packaging material isn’t the only variable for your delivery business. Packaging also has other dilemmas that you will encounter. For example, you might be stuck between gaffer tape vs duct tape to use on your packaging, so it’s crucial to do your research before beginning.

2.               Poly Bags

Up next on this list of packaging types to consider for your delivery business, we have a lighter and more flexible option, poly bags. These packages are more durable than you might think, and since they are easy to make and customize, this makes poly bags are the perfect cost-effective choice for your delivery business.

Poly bags, depending on their manufacturing, may also be recyclable. This allows you to choose a more economically friendly way of running your business. Most poly bags have features like seals, attached notes/receipts with tape, hanging holes, and handles to carry and keep products safe from any transport damage and make the packaging more appealing to the consumer.

3.               Plastic Boxes

Plastic is one of the most popular materials and with good reason. The usual materials, such as glass and wood, have already been replaced by plastic. The packaging industry also has use for plastic, as plastic boxes are now one of the most well-known options in the market for packaging. Using customized plastic boxes may give you the brand awareness you were looking for!

Plastic packaging boxes are just as if not more damage resistant than paperboard boxes and can also be recycled after use. Plastic boxes are used best to store food in airtight spaces. These boxes are sturdy and can also be used to preserve perishable food, even in the cold or heat.

Plastic is widely used in businesses because it lets you take a peek at the products inside without opening the package completely. Furthermore, the material is lightweight, flexible, and can be customized with images and designs to improve the visual appeal of these your packaging.

In contrast to popular belief, plastic can actually be recycled because it requires less energy to create new plastic than glass or other materials. So, even though plastic is said to be harmful to the environment, you can still take your business down a more eco-friendly route. The best part about plastic packaging is that even though it offers so much utility, the price is still very affordable!

4.               Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated boxes, or cardboard boxes in simpler terms, are one of the best packaging materials available. Why? Well, these boxes give you a lot of room to change things about the packaging. Therefore, the durability, shape, design, etc., can all be easily customized when using cardboard as the main mater for your parcels.

Furthermore, the material is also recyclable, and the freedom for customization gives you a lot of room for marketing your business as well. So how do you make a corrugated box? The main material used is recycled paper made with the help of high-tech machines known as corrugators, and the size and strength of the box will depend on your requirements. For instance, corrugated boxes can have walls made of two or even three layers depending on how much protection the product inside needs.

In Conclusion

All in all. When running a delivery business, although it’s good to have a specific design for your delivery boxes, it’s also important to choose the package according to what it’s meant to carry. Hence, having a variety of options may just save you in the future! Also, don’t forget to advertise your business on the boxes, as it helps spread your company’s news.

We hope that this article helped you with these packaging types to consider for your business, and we wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

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