Types of Recruitment Most Businesses Follow

Every now and then, many businesses will hire new staff. There are different roles and requirements for each job and position. So, businesses follow different types of recruitments to hire people. It is important to note that there are different needs of different businesses. For hiring, employers will use recruitment tactics. It will help them to find employees that will meet their business goals. A business can use different types of recruitment. But, it will depend upon the position and department it is hiring. This article aims to discuss different types of recruitments that most businesses follow. So, let’s discuss different types of recruitment in detail:

Internal Recruitment:

It is a type of recruitment that takes place inside a business. This type of recruitment will only happen when a business is filling the new job positions with current employees. There are further three types of internal recruitment. Those three types are transfers, promotions and re-employment of ex-employees. Transfer means an employee will work in a new department with the new job description. Promotion means an employee gets promoted in the same job. But with promotion, his responsibilities and role increase. For example, if a professional dissertation helper is promoted to Q/A in an academic writing firm, his role and responsibilities will also be changed. Re-employment means the business will offer its ex-employees and fill the vacancies. So, it is an internal recruitment type that most businesses follow.

External Recruitment:

This type of recruitment hires people through external sources. This type of hiring is a time-taking process. Apart from this, it will involve money too. There are several types of external recruitment. These types are advertisement, employment exchange and recommendations. In the advertisement, the business will post an ad either online or on print media. People will contact them and this way, it will hire new people. Employment exchange is usually run by the government. In this, government agencies will recruit people through an employment exchange program. The recommendation is another type of external recruitment. In this, different businesses will recommend people to their concerned fields.

Talent Databases:

Talent pool database is another type of recruitment. In this type, businesses will search for applicants that were not hired due to any reason. But, these are the people business can consider for new hiring. Businesses will shortlist only two or three candidates. These are the people who will meet new hiring requirements. When there is a new vacancy, a business will always search its talent pool database. It will help them to find suitable candidates. These candidates have relevant experience and skills. There are two major benefits of this type of recruitment. It saves time and money, and apart from this, it is a quick method of hiring.

Professional Organizations:

Professional organizations are another type of recruitment. When the business wants to fill a highly skilled position, they will contact them. Candidates with different educational backgrounds and skills will register themselves with them. So, when there is a position, a business will contact them. They will provide the data of relevant candidates. This way, they will get their hands on top talent. Nowadays, businesses are highly relying on this type of recruitment. This type of recruitment is also time and money-saving. But, there is a major drawback with this type, and that is the credibility of the qualification.


An internship is another type of recruitment. Every now and then, businesses offer internships to students. It helps them know the strengths of a candidate. After knowing those strengths, they can consider that intern to hire as an employee. During the internship, hiring managers will work with them and develop their skills. It will help them to fill the future jobs in an easy way. It will also help them to save time. Apart from this, they can groom the talent inside their business. This way, they recognize future talent and hire them for the most suitable positions.

Recruitment Events:

Businesses can attract people with recruitment events too. Job fairs and graduate recruitment drives on campus are major types of recruitment. It will help them to find the candidates they are looking for. Apart from this, it is an excellent way to promote the business.


Every business recruits people for their business needs and goals. There are several types of recruitment that a business uses. There are two major types, and those are internal and external recruitment. Apart from this, a talent database also helps a business hire a potential candidate. It is a time and money-saving process. This article also discussed different types of recruitment. It discussed internships and recruitment events. All these types help a business to find a top talent that meets its business goals. 

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