Why Promotional Materials Are Still a Great Advertising Method – and More Relevant Than Ever

Every business wants to find the best and most cost-effective way to advertise, especially small businesses who are up against major corporations; after all, you can’t grow if no one knows who you are. Marketing is traditionally expected to take up 5% to 10% of a business’s yearly budget, which can be frightening for smaller businesses when you consider how much that means for large multinational corporations versus your small, local company. This means you have to choose the most effective way to get your name out, one that will help you stay fresh in the minds of consumers. 

In today’s digital age, it can be easy to overlook the value of promotional materials as a form of advertising. Many businesses focus solely on digital marketing techniques, such as social media advertising, email campaigns, and pay-per-click advertising. Some companies have even leveled up their game by embracing messenger marketing, which helps to build a sense of genuine connection for consumers. While these methods can certainly be effective, promotional materials offer unique benefits that can’t be achieved through digital marketing alone.

The physical nature of promotional materials helps people remember companies and build a relationship with them

Utilizing objects that people use in everyday life, such as water bottles or tote bags, creates a form of advertising that is very difficult to ignore, because the constant exposure makes customers think about a brand multiple times a day. It’s easy to bat away a digital ad or even ask that a website stop showing it, but it’s much harder to ignore an advertisement that has become a part of an individual’s daily routine. 

Promotional materials provide a tangible way for businesses to reach potential customers. Physical materials such as branded pens, mugs, and keychains can be distributed at events, trade shows, or even as part of a direct mail campaign. When people receive these items, they are more likely to remember the business that gave them out, and may even keep and use the items on a daily basis. This constant exposure to the brand can help build brand awareness and loyalty.

Another benefit of promotional materials is that they can be customized to fit the needs of the business and the target audience. For example, a tech company may choose to give out branded USB drives or cell phone wallets, while a fitness center may opt for branded water bottles or yoga mats. By tailoring the promotional materials to the specific interests and needs of the target audience, businesses can increase the chances that the items will be kept and used, further increasing brand exposure. 

One of the best parts of this is that promotional materials can be used to build relationships with customers. By giving out branded items, businesses can show that they value their customers and want to build a long-term relationship with them; this can help to increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

The online marketing environment is crowded, but promotional materials are an easy and cost-effective way to stand out

Digital marketing campaigns can be expensive, particularly if a business is targeting a large audience, but promotional materials can be purchased in bulk and distributed to a wide range of people, making them a more cost-effective option for many businesses. 

Promotional materials can also help businesses to stand out in a crowded marketplace. With so many businesses competing for attention, it can be difficult to get noticed through digital marketing alone; this is especially true given that many consumers now use ad blockers to avoid the cluttered marketing environment that has taken over the web. However, by providing unique and useful promotional items, businesses can set themselves apart from the competition and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

Customers may even see these promotional materials as more “high effort,” even though purchasing branded items wholesale is an easy and painless process. They’ll believe that the company has put more thought and intention into reaching them, and that the business has made it clear how important the consumer is to them; it will feel like relationship building rather than an intrusive demand of their time and money. This can’t be understated as an invaluable aspect of promotional materials and their utility in advertising.

Final thoughts

Of course, it’s important to note that digital marketing can be a valuable tool for businesses, particularly when used in conjunction with promotional materials. For example, businesses may choose to run a social media advertising campaign that promotes a specific promotional item, encouraging people to visit the business’s website or attend an event in order to receive the item. This can help to increase both online and offline engagement with the brand.

In conclusion, promotional materials offer a range of benefits that can’t be achieved through digital marketing alone. From providing a tangible way to reach potential customers, to building relationships and increasing brand awareness, promotional materials are a cost-effective and valuable form of advertising for businesses of all sizes. While digital marketing can certainly be effective, it’s important not to overlook the unique advantages that promotional materials offer in today’s competitive marketplace.

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