Tall Tubular Battery: The Basics, Working and Suitability

An inverter and inverter battery goes hand in hand. When you are buying a top-rated inverter, it’s a given you need to buy a high performing inverter battery as well. If you are looking for the same – a highly efficient and top-notch inverter battery, a tall tubular battery might be just what you are looking for.

Let’s discuss all there is to know about a tall tubular battery, including its working, and whether it’s suitable for your home.

Brushing up the Basics: Tall Tubular Battery

Tall tubular batteries are lead-acid batteries and as the name suggests, are defined by their tubular shapes. They have a positive plate located within a tube wrapped in cloth that reserves their electrodes’ power. A tall tubular battery utilizes a frame structure involving a series of vertical spines linked to a common bus bar. Each spine is wrapped by non-conductive tubes filled with a lead oxide active mass.

Tall tubular batteries are more commonly found in UPS inverter. It is widely available in different size and shapes. However, the size and shape depend on your power requirements.

Advantages of a Tall Tubular Battery

  • Tall Tubular batteries provide long warranty, up to 5-6 years.
  • A tall tubular battery can tolerate extreme temperature variations. In addition to that, it converts a high-voltage power surge into a modest voltage shift.
  • A tall tubular battery is designed to provide extensive amount of power for a wide range of applications.
  • A tall tubular battery requires little maintenance. This includes infrequent water top-ups and maintenance and repair.
  • A tall tubular battery has longer charging life cycles and an impressive thermal management.

What Makes a Tall Tubular Battery Ideal for you?

Despite being safe and highly functional, a tall tubular battery might not be a suitable pick for everybody. Here’s how you can ensure that a tall tubular battery is suitable as per your requirement.

  1. If Space is Not a Constraint

As the name suggests, a tall tubular inverter battery is larger in height if we compare it to a short tubular battery and a flat plate battery. However, it is lesser in width. As tall tubular battery provides a slightly longer backup time, is bigger in size and is ideal for homes where storage space is not an issue.

  • If Price is Not an Issue

As established before, a tall tubular battery is highly efficient, high-performing and comes with a longer warranty. Therefore, the price of a tall tubular battery is on the higher end. So, if price is not a constraint with you, you can go for a tall tubular battery.

  • If your Back up Requirement is Long

A tall tubular battery is built to handle heavy loads. Therefore, if you require a backup for longer duration, a tall tubular battery would be suitable for you.

  • If you Live in a Location with  Longer Power Cuts

If you happen to live in locations that face longer power outages, a tubular battery would be ideal for you.

  • If your Lifestyle Includes Operation of Heavy-Duty Application

A tall tubular battery is designed to handle heavy duty operations. Therefore, if your day cannot go without running heavy duty applications such as an air conditioner, washing machines or microwaves, a tall tubular battery might be ideal for you.

Do you think a tall tubular battery is ideal for you? If yes, you must consider buying one to fulfill your power demands. While you are at it, ensure that you are buying a tall tubular battery from the right place. Always make it a rule to buy it from trust-worthy brands.

Luminous is one such brand you can choose. Luminous has been at the top of the inverter battery industry for years. It’s a brand built on trust, excellence, and innovation! You can visit their website to find out more details about inverter batteries.

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