How to Resolve Slow Printing Speed in Epson Printer

If you are facing issues with the printing speed of your Epson printer, then you should get it to check. But before you call them, you should try to sort out your issues. Plus, it’s very simple and doesn’t cost you anything. Before you begin with the troubleshooting steps for Epson Printer won’t print. Read this blog in full if your Epson printer has Slow Printing Speed problems. We have the solution!

Reason for Slow Printing Speed in Epson Printer

Duplex Tray and Printer Back Cover: Make sure the back cover is securely close.

Print Resolution: Be sure to check the print resolution. Printing speed is directly related to print resolution. The print resolution will determine the printing speed. If the task is taking too long, you can change the resolution.


Quiet Mode: The Epson printer works slowly when Quiet mode is enable. It is disable by default, but you can enable it if you wish. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure the printer is connect to the power cord.
  • Turn on the printer and wait until it is in ready mode.
  • Use the UP and DOWN keys to go to the normal setup. Press OK.
  • Navigate to Quite Mode, and then press OK.
  • Press OK to turn off Quite Mode

Original Ink Cartridge: Use only genuine Epson ink cartridges. The Epson printer may be damage if you use a duplicate or local supply.

Fast Internet Connection: Make sure your wireless printer is connect to an Internet connection. Connect the printer via an Ethernet cable or set up the printer near a Wi-Fi router.

Printer Drivers: Incorrect configuration of Epson printer drivers can also cause slow printing speeds. You should make sure that you have removed the current printer driver, supported utilities, and all support packages. You will need to uninstall the Epson printer drivers and install a new one.

Cables: Be sure to check the USB cable. It may look new, but it may be damage on the inside. Try the USB cable again.

If the problem persists, contact our certified technician on our toll-free number to get immediate help for slow printing speed in Epson printers.

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