Parimatch Tennis Odds

Out of 100% of sports betting on Parimatch, 25% are tennis bets, according to 2022 statistics. Now we will look at three roadmaps for tennis betting: handicaps for set segments (games) and pre-match games, as well as the live part of the set.

Tennis Betting Forms

The main types of disputes for tennis tournaments:

  • The leadership of one of the teams in the game, in part of the set.
  • Total games in a competition, in a game.
  • Handicap by segments of a set or by sets.
  • Official result by game or part of a set.

There are many other classic and hybrid sports money entries. For example, running to a certain number of games and winning the first game or the entire tournament. Roadmap for tennis bets by game:

Bet in the men’s singles group in the Grand Slams. The tournament does not stop until one of the participants wins in 3 games.

If the bet on the leader’s success goes beyond a multiplier of about 1.10-1.30, this is unacceptable from a distance. At such a moment, you can take a game handicap (+2.5) on the lagging player for a multiplier of 2.00.

The possibility of defeating an outsider in the entire match is zero, but a successful player can lose one of the sets.

When choosing which events to bet on, look at the stories of leaders and laggards in Grand Slam events in other vital tournaments. If the leading player wins 50% of the competitions during the entire gaming year, and the underdog takes at least a game in more than half of the meetings, then such bets can bring dividends at a distance.

How to bet live on parts of a set?

Pick up the competitions on the earthen platform. You can bet live on failure in your server’s first part of the set. The multiplier for winning each participant before the match cannot exceed 2.30. Live, you can bet on the set’s success on someone else’s serve for 2.00 or more.

When placing a bet on the first part of the set and in case of failure, you conclude the same disputes on each odd part of the set. The cash contribution will need to be duplicated to compensate for previous losses upon entry. This strategy is called catch-up. It is necessary to calculate your funds so you can survive even with several failure cycles.

In competitions on the ground, there are no pairs of approximately identical tennis players in terms of physical endurance. There were also practically no competitions without mutually lost parts of the set on their serve. An earthen field, double faults, worries, and lack of strength provide additional opportunities for success to the recipient.

Why is it profitable to bet on Parimatch?

At Parimatch, we try to create all conditions for the client’s comfort.

We run regular giveaways. We have minor deposits, and the withdrawal methods are instant. Our technical support team will explain everything to you from scratch and turnkey around the clock.

Parimatch always has the highest multipliers and a vast selection of sports bets. You can be interested in ongoing competitions on our Parimatch website and check bets on IPL tournaments; you can do this synchronously.

Parimatch has established itself during its stay in the international sports market as a favorite in online sports betting. As a proven, safe, and reliable partner. Join us, and Parimatch will lead you to success!

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