Most Common Hours of Service Violations?

It does not matter if you live in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, or Missouri; every state has its own rules every driver should follow. It means that if it is the law for you to drive at a certain speed, let the pedestrian cross, or pass the emergency vehicles, then a city official or state lawmaker will determine that would be the case. 

The same goes for trucking rules; the federal government has a hands-on approach to crafting procedures, policies, and rules. If you or your loved one is involved in a truck accident, schedule your initial consultation with a lawyer today. 

Most common hours of service violations?

There are several factors related to truck accidents which include:

  • Drug or alcohol intoxication
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Distractions
  • Braking issues
  • Over speeding
  • Trucker fatigue

The new service hours were implemented in 2020 and mentioned how long truckers can drive their vehicle before taking mandatory breaks. The rules can vary depending if the trucker is carrying loads or passengers. 

  1. Shifts

Trucks carrying loads are restricted to 11-hour shifts, provided the driver has been out of work for ten hours before the trip. Truckers carrying passengers can drive a maximum of 10 hours daily and must spend eight hours off duty before the shift. 

  1. Breaks

Federal regulations mentioned that truckers should take at least 30 minutes breaks after driving eight constant hours without rest. The 30-minute break should be a non-driving one. 

  1. Sleep periods

Truckers carrying loads must spend their required ten hours off-duty inside and outside the sleeping births. Truckers should spend at least eight hours in the berth, but it is up to truckers’ preference on how they spend the extra two. 

  1. Overall weekly hourly limits

There is a limit on the number of hours truckers can work in a single week. Neither load nor passenger-carrying truckers can drive beyond 60 or 70 hours in seven of eight consecutive days. 

Truckers may commit several common Hours of Service (HOS) violations, which can result in penalties or fines. Some of the most common HOS violations include the following:

  • Exceeding Maximum Driving Time: When a driver exceeds the maximum allowable driving time of 11 hours in a 24-hour period or 70 hours in an 8-day period.
  • Failing to Take Required Rest Breaks: When a driver fails to take a required 30-minute rest break after 8 hours of driving time or fails to take a minimum of 10 consecutive hours off-duty between driving shifts.
  • Driving Beyond 14 Consecutive Hours: Drivers driving the commercial vehicle beyond the 14th consecutive hour, following ten consecutive hours off duty.
  • Using Mobile Devices While Driving: It occurs when a driver uses a mobile device, including making or receiving calls, texting, or using other applications.

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