Benefits Of Hiring A DUI Lawyer

Did you know drunk driver accidents cost the US $44 billion annually? This crime has a huge financial and human cost, contributing to the severe execution of the law. If you are accused of DUI, you may consider it worth contacting a DUI lawyer. It is always worth it to hire one of these experts for your defense, whether your first DUI arrest or your third. You are at the correct spot if you are not convinced. This article will discuss seven advantages of hiring a DUI attorney. 

Benefits of hiring a DUI lawyer

  1. They know the legal system.

It is not an intelligent decision to represent yourself in court just because you are possibly allowed to do so. Often, it is a one-way trip to a harsher penalty.

The truth is that every state has multiple laws dealing with DUI-related issues. You will not fully understand them unless you spend years researching them in law school. Even if you spend months learning the laws, you will probably forget some of the guidelines, standards, and requirements for DUI cases. 

  1. They can reduce your sentence.

It seems obvious that sentences for DUI convictions are severe. The punishment for a first DUI conviction can range from ten days to four months in prison, with $300 to $1,000 in penalties and a minimum of 20 hours of community service. As you accumulate more DUIs, your sentence will only get harsher. 

  1. They can get back your license.

There is some chance you could get your license suspended or revoked depending on the severity and frequency of your DUI charges. Your number of DUI crimes during the last five years will decide your suspension duration. But a first offense will continue to result in a 12-month penalty.

If you depend on your vehicle to go to and from your job, this might impact your life. The good news is that a DUI attorney could be able to get your sentence reduced so that your license does not get suspended initially.

  1. They can erase it from the records.

Many people assume that their DUI charge will be erased from their record after ten years. But this is just not the case. The disposition line will remain in place, just like every criminal arrest.

It can only be erased by record restriction. You must be fully acquitted of all accusations to achieve that. Alternatively, the prosecution needs to have the case dismissed.

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