Startup Studio Insider’s Guide: The Top Startup Studios in 2023

Entering the startup world can be daunting — and for good reason. Due to operational issues, trouble with funding, and inadequate teams and staff, 21% of startups fail within their first year of conception. 

Fortunately for founders, these challenges can be minimized with the help of startup studios. 

What is a Startup Studio 

A startup studio, oftentimes known as a venture studio, is an organization that is composed of industry experts that specialize in building other companies, with the primary goal of addressing and providing solutions to consumer pain points.

The startup studio business model provides companies with key advantages including a team of designers, developers, access to funding administrative experts, and marketers to help the startups throughout their various developmental stages. Startup studios also leverage data, and through extensive market research can identify specific market segments, increasing the startup’s chances of success by targeting the accurate market segment. Startup studios have mastered venture building and mitigate risks associated with startups, helping those they work with avoid becoming part of the 21%. 

Top Startup Studios

Startup Studio Insider, a platform dedicated to providing resources and information about startup studios, is sharing a list of some of the top startup studios in 2023 based on historical performance, previous successful launches, and their unique approach to building ventures. 

Alive Ventures

This Los Angeles-based startup studio, founded by John Zapolski, specializes in building companies, products, and services that help older adults live, work, and love. Staffed with high-caliber design and entrepreneurial talent and backed by millions of dollars in funding, Alive Ventures is catalyzing a new generation of design-led companies and talent. 


Founded by Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan, AlleyCorp is focused on investing in transformational companies in New York City for the initial 6-12 months. Then, they launche the company and offers support throughout the company lifecycle through integral leadership. Their notable companies include Business Insider and Pearl Health.  


Founded in 2018 by Anthony Johnson, Ilya Pozin, Nikola Mickic, and Zach Ferres, Coplex has created a proven 9-12 month program to experiment and rapidly execute winning ideas to maximize startups chances of success. As a corporate startup studio located in Phoenix, they’ve founded Smile Virtual, YellowBird, and Insurmi. 


This Fance-based studio was founded in 2011 by Thibaud Elziere and Quentin Nickmans. eFounders quickly created 35 companies, three of which became unicorns. Some of their notable successes include Foxintelligence, Swan, and Textmaster. 

Startup studios create new opportunities in entrepreneurship and are expected to continue growing for years to come. The startup studio business model is designed to propel companies forward with a lower-risk, high-reward mindset. As such, many founders utilize startup studios to secure a higher chance of success. In addition, startup studios provide the tools necessary to survive within the market. Learn more benefits the startup studio business model offers at 

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