Penis enlargement products- Do they provide the desired results

In the market ads for penis enlargement products and procedures are bound to emerge everywhere. Numerous numbers of exercises, pills, weights and pumps along with surgeries increase the length and width of your penis. But there is less support when it comes to non- surgical products, to enlarge your penis. Coming to penis length extension no surgeon would give their nod of approval to the same for cosmetic reasons.

Most of the advertisements that you come across hardly works. Some of them may damage your penis. So you should think twice before you plan to apply them.

Penis size- What is normal and what is not

There is a fear in the minds of men that the penis size may be small so that they cannot satisfy their partner during sexual intercourse. But most of the men who feel that their penis size are small are known to have a typical style. In some they go overboard when it comes to a penis size. If your penis is about 5 inches when it is erect then it falls into the category of a normal size. For a penis to be small it should be less than 3 inches and this condition is referred to as micro- penis.

How partners go on to view your penis size

Advertisers would dish out a strong belief that your partner cares a lot about your penis size. If you are really worried you should be discussing the things with your partner. Understanding the sexual needs and desires of your partner helps to improve your sexual relationship than looking at ways to change the size of your penis.

Do not fall into the hype

A lot of companies provide non- surgical treatments. Most of them provide them with serious look ad images and claim that it is backed by scientific research. If you observe closely how safe they and whether they have proven to be successful, no proof exists. There are potential dangerous components, that are listed which may pose considerable dangers.

The marketers rely on ads about people who recommend these products. They are known to use data which is not accurate and questionable, before and after the photos. As far as the dietary supplements are concerned it does not require approval by the US food and drug administration. So manufacturers are not aware on how a product is safe or not till the point it works.

Penis enlargement products

Most of the advertised penis enlargement products do not work. A few of them could end up causing permanent damage to your penis. Some of the popular techniques that are used are

  • Lotions and pills- they are minerals, vitamins or herbs that claims would increase the size of your penis. But none of the products have proved to provide accurate results. Some of them may turn out to be harmful.
  • Vacuum pumps- since pumps are known to draw blood into the penis, that makes it swell and is known to deal with erectile ds functioning.  When you are using a vacuum pump it is bound to enlarge the size of your penis on a temporary basis But if you are using it for a long time it can damage the elastic tissue.

Surgery may pose to be a risk

The studies whether surgeries go on to increase the size of your penis have reported mixed results. Still there is no precise evidence that these surgeries provide the intended results or not. At best a surgery may give a rise in terms of girth to your penis. You ought to take into consideration that it is not going to increase the length of the penis in any way. At the worst it could lead to a series of complications in the form of infection, scarring or loss of sensation.

There are a few things that may of help

There is no guaranteed and chosen way to increase the size of your penis. Some people resort to a penise sleeves but the results are not assured. But if you are really concerned about your penis size there are a few things that you can do.

  • Have a conversation with your partner- it would be hard to discuss your old habits with your partner or sexual preferences with them. But you would be glad that you went on to do so, and in a way you will be thrilled about the spark that it generates in your sex life.
  • Get into shape- if you happen to be overweight and have a beer gut, the extra fat is going to make your penis less than what should be the case. If you exercise regularly it is bound to make a major difference. Better physical conditioning not only makes you feel good but you tend to be healthy at the same time. Even it goes on to improve your strength along with endurance during sex sessions.
  • Discuss with your health care provider as a counsellor- To feel unhappy about the size of your penis is abnormal. Your family health provider or a mental counsellor can guide you in this regard.

Many people have a feeling of reassurance that they get better they are normal. It is advised on how to satisfy your partner in a better way and do not resort to any form of cosmetic surgery procedures.

To conclude a lot of people are of the assumption that enlarging the size of the penis would make you a better lover, or are going to make them attractive. But there is a strong possibility that your penis is within the typical range. Even if your penis is average in size, it is not going to matter to your partner. There hardly exists a way to make your penis larger.

The solution about the size of the penis would be having a frank conversation with your partner or trying to get into shape. If these steps do not work you can interact with a counsellor for further help.

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